As liquidation-minded inventory owners prepare to deal with 2018 year-end inventory, it’s a good idea to reflect on current processes and determine if they still deliver the best recovery value.

As the market for pre-owned mobile devices grows to $25B worldwide, it’s important to examine whether live auction or web-based auction sites are the best sales channel to liquidate valuable cell phones, phone parts and LCDs. (And if not, explore new technologies disrupting these traditional methods of remarketing excess inventory).

Live Auction & Online Auction Limitations

Traditional live auctions benefit Sellers based on their ability to quickly move product while giving Buyers the option to inspect merchandise prior to bidding. However, due to their fee structure, live auctions don’t yield the highest margins, nor do they capture Seller analytics, such as historical bidding data or market trends, to gain insights for future listings. Both are critical data-points for liquidation-minded inventory owners to establish predictive and reliable on-going recovery margins.

On the other hand, web-based auctions offer a technology platform for Sellers with basic analytics but don’t offer Buyers the opportunity to inspect product.  Potential buyers review the auction manifest which includes: product SKU, grade, condition, quantity and selected photos (which may not reflect the entire lot).

In the absence of real-time competitive bidding (which occurs in a live auction), Buyers view your product lot as a bulk commodity, which they merely need to meet the Seller’s reserve price to win. Instead of a trading asset with price elasticity based on a global demand.

As a result, Sellers are left with the unenviable choice of high-cost/unreliable recovery margins of live auctions, or high-overhead/unpredictable margins of online auction sites.

Benefits of Combining Live Auction with Mobile Bidding

By combining daily auctions and product inspections with data-driven analytics, real-time competitive bidding and automated bidding on a mobile app-only auction platform, CPBids is reinventing the way the industry liquidates returned, overstock and traded-in mobile devices and accessories.

Seller Benefits Live Auctions Online Auctions CPBids Auctions
Daily Auctions Yes No Yes
Product Inspections Yes No Yes
Auction Analytics No Yes Yes
Competitive Bidding No Yes Yes
Automated Bidding No Yes Yes

Our state-of-the-art auction platform – the world’s first mobile app-based B2B auction marketplace – is just one component to how CPBids could manage all aspects of your next auction!

⌚️ Daily Auctions to targeted Buyers result in more competitive bids.

📱 Product Inspections of pre-owned cell phones, phone parts and LCDs from Buyers who are willing to pay the most.

📊 Data-Driven Analytics so you can create optimum lots (based on historical data and market trends) that yield the highest margins.

👥 Competitive Bidding from an international marketplace creates organic demand driven by app-only bids from buyers who have inspected your product.

📈 Automated Bidding to enhance competitive bid formats by locking-in the next bid (under their ‘Highest Price’) from serious Buyers determined to stay on top.

CPBids helps OEMs, cellular providers & MVNOs, retailers & aggregators and businesses of all-sizes quickly and effortlessly move cell phones off your books at the highest prices and get paid in a matter of days, not weeks.

If you’re business deals with an excess amount of annual (or monthly) cell phones inventory, schedule a brief 30 min. demo our state-of-the-art B2B auction platform today.

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Why You Need to Combine Live Auctions with Mobile Bidding for Your Next Cell Phone Liquidation
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