As your business makes strategic plans to liquidate excess Used and New devices to make space for fresh inventory in 2019, the mere thought of dealing with outdated and costly liquidation processes is enough to cause many sleepless nights.

Face it: Emailing spreadsheet manifests for live auctions, or managing lot listings for B2B auction sites, is terribly inefficient.  Both require considerable effort and involve lengthy, time-consuming turnaround times for the unreliable and unpredictable recovery margins you get back in return.  What’s worse, inventory owners don’t even have access to data-driven analytics to create optimum lots that yield the highest prices, nor the ability to reach the international buyers – the ones really driving up the product value – who trade in the growing $25B global pre-owned market for mobile devices.

There’s got to be a better way?

Introducing The World’s First B2B Mobile Auction Marketplace

CPBids, the first app-based B2B auction marketplace made exclusively for the mobile industry, is re-inventing the way US-based sellers liquidate returned, overstock and traded-in mobile devices and accessories.  Think about it : instead of dealing with middlemen or managing B2B auction sites, CPBids could manage all aspects a business’ liquidation to quickly move product off your books at the best price, so you can get paid in a matter of days, not weeks!

CPBids removes the friction associated with liquidating inventory by providing services and technology that allow you to sell directly to an international buyer base that’s willing to pay more for pre-owned cell phones, phone parts and LCD screens.

We handle all aspects of your auction – shipping and logistics from your warehouse to ours, product grading, creating logical lots, handling payments and buyers inspections – so you can focus on more important aspects of your business.

Seller maintain’s ownership of product until the auction closes

We verify the product grade and condition

We create logical lots that yield the highest margin

We create the lot listing (description & photos), set the reserve price & monitor the auction for the Seller

We promote the lot to targeted buyers based on seller controls

We facilitate all communication with the buyers

Seller remains anonymous to bidders & the buyer during an opaque ‘flash sale’ transaction

All Sales Are Final – We remit payment to  within 48 hours of the auction closing

CPBids helps OEMs, cellular providers & MVNOs, retailers & aggregators and businesses of all-sizes quickly and effortlessly move cell phones off your books at the highest prices and get paid in a matter of days, not weeks.

If you’re business deals with an excess amount of annual (or monthly) cell phones inventory, schedule a brief 30 min. demo our state-of-the-art B2B auction platform today.

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Liquidating Cell Phones is a Nightmare. CPBids Makes It a Dream
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