The Bid screen is one of the most important in the app and where the real action happens…

1. Shows the current Highest Bid

2. Shows the Increment amount – this is automated amount the bids will increase by before hitting the maximum bid.  For example, if the current bid is $4300, your bid must be higher than $4400 to be accepted.

3. Your Bid – this is where you enter your highest bid amount.  The system will automatically increase the Highest Bid, by the increment amount, until it reaches your maximum bid.  There is no need to keep entering smaller bid amounts, enter your highest bid and let the system to do the work.  After making a bid, you can return to this screen at any time to increase your bid.

4. Hit the Confirm button to confirm your bid


5. You will be asked to confirm your bid, click OK if you agree.  Remember: all bids are binding.

The screen will refresh and you will see the new Highest Bid.  This may or may not be your bid depending on the highest bids from other bidders.  If the icon shows Outbid then you can enter a new highest bid amount and hit Confirm Bid again.


Bid Screen
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