The Product View is where most of the work happens.

1. Swipe left and right to view the different pictures for the lot

2. Title – the title of the lot and what we use as the description on our sales

3. Time remaining – lots with no time remaining will show for a short while and then disappear

4. The number of pieces in the lot and the lot reference number

5. Highest Bid – this is the Highest Bid received so far for the lot

6. Reserve Price – the is the minimum acceptable bid for the lot



7. Status Icon – this will change depending on the status of your bid, for example: Bid Now, Highest, Out Bid, Won or Lost

8. Add to Watchlist – you can add lots to your watchlist, note: all lots you make a bid on will be added to your watchlist automatically

9. Description – we will add as much detail as we can to the lot description, scroll down to read more.  We recommend reading the description fully before bidding.

10. Bid Now Button – the all important Bid Now button for placing a bid on this lost

Product View
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