Inspect Product. Bid with Confidence. Win Big.

CPBids is a private B2B auction marketplace that connects international buyers directly with US sellers looking to liquidate mobile device inventory.  For the first-time ever, potential buyers of pre-owned mobile devices can participate in app-exclusively daily auctions and inspect product lots from a fully-insured and secure warehouses in Dallas, Tex. and Hong Kong.

Buy Direct from
the Largest Sellers

Inspect Product to
Reduce Business Risks

Participate in
App-based Auctions


The first app-based live auction marketplace for international buyers.

The CPBids mobile app is the first B2B auction marketplace built exclusively for the mobile device industry!  Inspect returned, overstock or trade-in mobile devices and accessories in-person in CPBids international warehouse locations, and use the mobile app to price your bids appropriately based on product condition to win big at auction!


🌏 Buy Direct from the Largest US Sellers

The CPBids marketplace features a great selection of excess merchandise across all conditions and quantities to quickly increase your inventory for less by dealing directly with US sellers.

  • Star Rating System – Sellers & Buyers must maintain a positive user-level to continue participating in the CPBids marketplace.
  • All-Size Quantities – Bid on Seller product lots of traded, returned and refurbished mobile devices of all-size quantities.
  • All Product Conditions – Bid on Grade B thru D Grade merchandise, from fully-functional with minor scratches, to major cosmetic damage and/or functional issues.

👍 Inspect Product & Reduce Risk

Go beyond spreadsheet manifest condition codes by inspecting seller lots in person to reduce risk with more confident bids.  Increase your inventory with transparency in the CPBids marketplace.

  • In-person Inspections – Examine product lots in-person at our warehouse before placing appropriately-priced bids from the mobile app.  Get the best deals when you price your bids appropriately based on product conditions!

📱 Participate in App-based Daily Auctions

Enjoy the buyer controls of a live auction with the convenience of an app-exclusive bidding process.

  • App-based Live Auctions – Each day, we hold private auctions conducted via the CPBids mobile app
  • All-Size Quantities & Product Conditions – Easily browsing thru seller listings and filter thru auction categories, including R2-certifed or geographic buyer restrictions.

After your CPBids buyer’s account is approved, you’ll be able to bid on mobile devices and accessories from OEMs, retailers and corporations based in the United States.  Download the CPBids mobile app for Android or iPhone to participate in daily auctions on the mobile app.

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