Selling Mobile Devices is Easy with CPBids.

CPBids is reinventing the way secondary mobile device industry trades returned, overstock and traded-in devices and accessories.  We empower Sellers and Buyers to take advantage of an app-based B2B auction platform that combines all the benefits of an online marketplace with the transparency of a live auction.  Now, US-based sellers can deal directly with global buyers who can inspect product before placing bids on product lots.

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CPBids removes the friction associated with liquidating inventory by providing services and technology that allow you to sell directly to an international buyer base that’s willing to pay more for pre-owned cell phones, phone parts and LCD screens.  We handle all aspects of your auction – shipping and logistics from your warehouse to ours, product grading, creating logical lots, handling payments and buyers inspections – so you can focus on more important aspects of your business.

Ship It

CPBids handles the shipping and logistics from the Seller’s warehouse to ours.

  • Product Ownership – The Seller maintains full ownership of the product until the point at which it’s sold at auction.
  • Shipping & Logistics – We arrange for your product to be sent from your location to our warehouses.
  • Insured & Secure Warehouse – The Seller’s product is stored in a fully-insured, secure warehouse.
  • International Warehouse – We ship the product to the CPBids international warehouse that will yield the highest margin based on market demand and historical data.
  • Consignment – We handle all the consignment inventory, including inventory not on our premise.
  • Business Compliant – Our process is FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act) compliant and audited by an independent 3rd party (Audits reports available to Sellers at any time).

List It

CPBids handles all-aspects of taking the product lot to auction on behalf of the Seller.

  • Product Verification – We verify the Seller’s product lot and quantities.
  • Product Grading – We verify the product grade and condition of the lot based on accepted industry-wide standards.
  • Logical Lot Creation Tools – Powered by AI and complex analytics, we create logical product lots that yield the highest margin based on marketplace needs and historical data. (Note: We do not mix products from Sellers into different lots).
  • Reserve & Bid Price – Buyers can examine product lots in-person at our warehouse before placing appropriately-priced bids from the mobile app.
  • App-based Live Auctions – Each day, we hold private auctions conducted via the CPBids mobile app.

Sell It

CPBids facilitate all communicate between parties (Seller, Buyer & Auction House) during and after the auction.

  • Promote Listing – We promote the product lot to targeted buyers based on seller controls.
  • Monitor Listing – We monitor the listing on behalf of the Seller.
  • Sell Anonymously – Remain anonymous to both Bidders and the Buyer.
  • ‘Flash Sale’ Transaction – We execute a ‘flash sale’ transaction where we buy the product from the Seller and sell it to the Buyer.


Enjoy quick, guaranteed payment within 48 hours of the auction close.

  • All Sales Are Final – No returns or refunds.  The Buyer is only able to collect the product once payment has been received and is confirmed.
  • Payment – After the product is released to the buyer, we remit payment via wire-transfer.
  • Quick Processing – Auction proceeds are wired to the seller within 48 hours of the auction closing.

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